Central Parking System Coupons

Everyone knows that parking in the streets of New York City can be overly complicated, expensive, and unsafe for vehicles. To avoid the hassle, either one abandons the use of a private car entirely, or one can use the services of a parking garage, such as those provided by Central Parking.

Central Parking is the largest company in America that provides parking spaces all over the country—1.2 million spaces, to be exact. It oversees more than 2,500 parking locations (from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Winston-Salem, North Carolina), and more than 300 of them are located within New York and New Jersey.

By going to their website, you can, not only check out their locations and rates, but also avail of their special promotions. You can also benefit from Central Parking system coupons, which will enable you to pay much lower fees than the standard rates.

General Description of Central Parking System Coupons

On the coupons offered by Central Parking are information you will need, such as:

  • The discounted rate, which conveniently includes the tax
  • Precise location of the parking garage
  • Precise location of the entrance
  • The phone number of the parking garage
  • The operating hours
  • The type of parking available
  • The kinds of credit cards accepted
  • The type of parking service offered
  • The expiration date of their special promotions

How to Use Central Parking System Coupons

When you browse through the Central Parking website, you can find the best location to suit your need by entering a specific address, city landmark, or zip code. You can also find parking facilities by browsing through the destination menu. You can check out specific locations in various neighborhoods in Manhattan, parking facilities in other boroughs, or facilities near various popular New York City locations, such as tourist landmarks, restaurants, parks, museum, hotels, theaters, universities, and hospitals.

You can check out each location and see if coupons are available, but parking rates without coupons will always be noted for each specific location. Most rates apply to 6, 12, and 24 hours of parking. Print out the coupon you will use, and present it to the cashier.

Monthly Parking Specials

One of their special promos would be the Central Parking system coupons that provide savings in monthly rates for new customers. The savings range from $50 up to $400, depending on the specific location of the garage. There is a long list of locations specified on their website, conveniently listed in alphabetical order (from Broadway Theater District to Yorkville). Along each specific location, the old and new prices are listed so that you will have an idea on the amount of savings you can get. Simply pick the best location that fits your needs, and print out the accompanying coupon, which you will surrender to the cashier when you use it. Central Parking guarantees the rates for three whole months so you don’t have to worry about changes to their parking rates.


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