Parking Coupons Websites

Finding the right parking garage in New York City can be very bothersome, but fortunately, the Internet can provide you with the details you need so that you can find one that meets your requirements. The right websites do not only provide you with specific locations, but also with information on parking rates. As these rates may be a bit expensive, many parking companies are offering discounts on their parking coupons websites to entice and attract customers.

Best Overall NYC Parking Website 

If you wish to gather free information specific to each garage, you should go to When you get to the site, choose whether you wish to park on a daily or a monthly basis. You can then search for possible parking garages in or near the neighborhood, across the street, or at the exact address you wish. You can even find parking garages near specific New York City landmarks such as museums, theaters, hospitals, retail stores, and other famous destinations. You can find the exact locations and rates for each parking garage. Those that offer discounts will also be noted, and you will be directed to the corresponding parking coupons websites.

You will need to enter your arrival and departure time, as well as the type of vehicle you are parking, so that you will get the total rates you would be paying to park your vehicle.

Individual Parking Coupons Websites

You can also go to the parking coupons websites of well-known parking companies. These include:

  • Edison Parkfast—You can click on the promotions found on the website menu to find their discount coupons, special offers, and multi-event parking pass. Aside from the discounts offered by selected parking locations, Edison also offers a coupon for electric vehicle charging.
  • Quik Park—You can find discounts prominently displayed on the homepage, with specific discounts for selected locations on the right side. You can also click on the parking coupons label on the menu, so that you will be able to find coupons, which you can print and use.
  • Central Parking—This company offers coupons for more than a hundred locations. Enter an address, landmark, or zip code so you can find the best location, and it will probably offer a coupon. You can also browse through neighborhood boroughs, or city landmarks.
  • Icon Parking—This company offers discounts, and you can avail of them by clicking on the parking coupons label on the menu. Coupons are available for daily parking as well as monthly parking.

Other Discounts

Other smaller parking companies such as Imperial and MPG offer some coupons which you can check out, as they might have the discount parking coupons that you need for certain locations.

Other special websites include New York Show Tickets, which offers discounts for Broadway tickets as well as TV shows. They have a special page offering parking coupons but in order to take advantage of these offers, you have to be a member and sign up.


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