Coupons Parking Companies in NYC

It's no secret that parking in New York can be very expensive, which is why many NYC residents don't even bother driving their own car. The subway, taxis, and buses are very viable alternatives to parking on the streets. New York City has an overly complicated set of rules concerning street parking, which is why many parking garages have proliferated in the city, offering a refuge for private vehicles. By using parking garages, vehicle owners no longer have to worry whether they have fed the parking meters adequately and discovering that their cars have been towed away in the event that the parking meters were left unfed.

On the other hand, leaving your car in a parking garage will set you back a considerable amount of money as well. In full awareness of this, you can go online and avail yourself of discount coupons parking companies in NYC are offering on their websites.

Parking Companies Offering Coupons

 There are many parking companies operating in New York City, each of them offering their own rates for their garages. The following companies, however, are the most prominent ones:

  • Central Parking
  • Edison Parkfast
  • Icon Parking
  • Quik Park

Different Kinds of Coupons Available

There are many kinds of coupons parking companies in NYC, though most coupons are specific to a particular location. Each kind of coupon comes with guidelines pertaining to its use, and you should read them carefully to avoid any nasty surprises.

The most common coupons are special rates, which require you to enter and leave the parking garage at specific times to avail of the discount. Failure to do so will negate any benefit, which you should have received from your coupon. A coupon that offers a $10 parking from 6PM to midnight means that you should enter the garage after 6PM, and that you leave before midnight. These coupons may also be effective on specific days. If the coupons specify that the discount rates apply on a Thursday, then it means that on other days, standard rates will apply.

Another type of coupon offers discounts for weekly and monthly parking. This is used to entice you as a customer, and with this kind of coupon, your savings can reach up to a hundred dollars each month.

Other types of coupons give discounts if you use a specific type or brand of car. The parking company usually partners up with a car company touting a new model, and the parking garage can offer discounts for these cars. Additional discounts and freebies may also be offered, such as discounted or free charging for specific electric cars.

How to Use the Coupons

Simply go to the appropriate website and locate the parking company's promotional offers. They won't be difficult to find, as these companies are eager for you to use them. Just go and find one, print out the coupon, and surrender it to the cashier when you drive up the parking garage.

It has been said that the cost of living in New York City can be almost prohibitive, but with these discount coupons parking companies in NYC are offering on their websites, parking your car need not involve a king's ransom.



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