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Parking your car in New York City can be a hassle. It can also be very expensive, so much so that it would feel like you're ransoming your vehicle every time you collect it from a parking garage. With Icon Parking, such worries may be lessened. The company even offers Icon parking coupons that come with special rates, even lower than their already reasonable fees.

Using Icon Parking Coupons

It's simple enough to use Icon Parking coupons. Just go to their website and click on the parking coupons section at the top of the home page. You can choose either the special rates provided by specific garages, or you can avail of benefits because you drive a smart car.

If you pick the smart car option, simply follow the directions on the page. Using this option can give you 50% off on regular parking fees. You can even avail of $99 monthly rates, though this price does not yet include taxes.

If you want to select coupons by area, go to the page and select the location of the garage that will fit your particular needs. Almost every location offers a parking coupon, but you will have to be very compliant with their policies.

Most coupons have definite entry and exit times. Entering the garage before a specific time may mean that your parking coupon will no longer be applicable. The same also holds true if you exit after the time specified on the coupon. A coupon that entitles you to pay only $10 may state that the entry time is at 10AM, and the exit time is at 6PM. To avail of this coupon, make sure that you enter the garage after 10AM, and leave well before 6 PM.

General Limitations of Icon Parking Coupons

  • The coupons that they offer come with definite expiration dates. Once past this date, you can no longer avail of the special benefits accorded by the coupon.
  • You cannot combine the benefits of more than one coupon at any given time. For example, the discounts you get from a special flat rate cannot be combined with the benefits you get because you use a smart car.
  • The printout of the coupon must be surrendered to the cashier if you are going to use it. You need to print it out again if you wish to avail of the benefits the next time you park.
  • You can only park your vehicle using the coupon if there is available space within the parking garage. If the garage is full, you will have to park somewhere else. Other unforeseen circumstances may also affect the coupon's benefits.
  • You have to use a credit card, such as American Express, MasterCard, or Visa, to pay for the parking using the coupons. If you wish to pay with cash, then you cannot avail of the special benefits provided by the coupons.
  • You still have to pay additional fees--about ten to fifteen dollars--if you are parking a van, pickup truck, SUV, or other similar vehicles.

Additional Benefits

Icon Parking garages are very secure and well lit. This means that you and your vehicle will be very safe. Also Icon Parking screens their employees carefully, and imposes strict rules of conduct for the staff. Such professionalism is worth every penny, not just for you but for your vehicle as well.



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