Best Parking NYC

The best parking spots in New York City are often the most expensive. But with the tough economic times that the country is facing, people are hesitant to spend large amounts of money just for parking alone. There are drivers who believe that parking garages are the best parking places because there are parking attendants who will look after the car. There are also those who believe that on-street parking is the best option because they are easily accessible. But which among them is the best parking option in the Big Apple?

The Best Parking Places in NYC

When it comes to finding the best parking NYC, it doesn’t just mean finding a good parking spot, but it also takes into consideration the cost and location. Best parking NYC can also mean free parking, which is possible in NYC. You just have to know the right time and place where you can avail of free street parking.

Here you will find a list of places that will provide you the best parking NYC spots.

Where to Park in NYC for Free

  • Lincoln Center—Streets on the west side are mostly free at 6PM or 7PM. Streets like 56th Street as well as the 8th and 10th Avenue are also free during the weekend.
  • Central Park—There are many alt-side regulations between Amsterdam and Central Park West. Streets above 65th Street and streets between 3rd and 5th Avenues are included.
  • Greenwich Village—Streets that are free and come with some alt-side regulations include Sullivan and between 3rd Street and Bleecker. The streets near Washington Square Park are available around 6PM.
  •  Museum Mile—Streets here are free during the weekends. Many streets have alt-side regulations like 82nd Street and in between 8th and 9th Avenue.
  • Madison Square Garden—29th Street and streets between 7th and 8th Avenue are free by 6PM. Most of them are also free during weekends.
  • Rockefeller Center—Streets found on the West Side are free at 6PM. Look for 53rd Street and streets in between 8th and 10th Avenue.
  • Times Square—Streets between 8th and 9th Avenue are also available at 6PM or 7PM.

Things to Remember When Parking in NYC

  • There is free parking everywhere during Sundays.
  • If you encounter a parking meter that says you can only park for one hour, do not put more coins once you have exceeded the first hour because you can get a parking ticket for this.
  • In case you park in a spot where there is a broken or missing parking meter, you can only park for an hour. Others think that they are lucky enough to park the whole day here but you could get a ticket by staying longer.
  • You can get free parking in Manhattan’s Theater District if you are watching their shows. Free parking applies at night and during the weekends.
  • Madison Square Garden also offers free parking if you are watching a Knickers or Ranger game.
  • Never park less than 15 feet from a fire hydrant. If you get caught, you will be issued a $115 ticket for this violation.



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