Parking Rates Manhattan

Manhattan is one of the most expensive places to park in New York City. There is no doubt that drivers are getting a lot of headaches dealing with skyrocketing parking fees. Not to mention, the hassle and frustration one faces when finding a parking spot.

Parking Garages in NYC

Since many drivers do not want to be stressed out in finding a place to park, they would rather park in parking garages. Well, a parking garage charges higher but at least it secures the driver of a parking spot. This makes parking hassle-free for the driver, which is something he will be glad to pay a little more for. Another good thing about parking garages is that there are valet and parking attendants that will look after your car to keep it safe. And lastly, drivers who plan to pre-pay their parking fees several months in advance will definitely be offered discounts.

The Different Parking Rates in NYC

The parking rates in NYC vary from one neighborhood to another. Even street parking on each district varies. This poses a problem to any New York driver, as there is a need to constantly check the parking fees. In the theater district, the rate for 6 hours is around $11 to $50. Parking rates Manhattan in the Tribeca area will cost around $326 to $793 per month. Imagine paying that much just for parking alone!

How to Pick Your Parking Spot in NYC

In New York City, a motorist only has two options when parking. One is via a parking garage and the other is via street parking.

  • In a garage, parking rates Manhattan can start from $6 for the whole day but of course, the rates will vary from one garage to another. What you can do is check online for any modification in prices and if online reservation is available.
  • Many parking garages are willing to offer discounted monthly parking rates in Manhattan. If you choose to park for days or nights only, you can save 50% of your total monthly parking fee.
  • Be aware of overnight parking in parking garages. Know their cut-off time to avoid paying for the extra hours.

On-Street Parking

  • Knowledge is key when opting to park in the streets. You must have a good grasp of how the traffic rules work in New York. For instance, the city does not tolerate double parking in the Upper East Side when street cleaning is going on, but in the Upper West Side, this is totally acceptable.
  • Always fold in your side mirror when parking in the street and park near the curb to protect your vehicle from possible damage.
  • Find a parking spot around 4PM or later. Everyone is leaving work by this time.

If you want to save on costs when parking in Manhattan, it pays to plan ahead of time and search for the best offers available. You could avail of discount coupons and promotions by simply browsing online.


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