NYC Parking Regulations

Driving around New York City can be a terrifying experience especially if you are new to the area. There are many traffic rules and regulations that you have to know. Traffic enforcers will not hesitate giving you one ticket after another every time you commit a traffic violation. NYC parking regulations would definitely be something you must familiarize yourself with because a lack of knowledge about parking rules and regulations could leave you with plenty of parking tickets to your name.

Alternate Side Parking, Curb Cuts and T-Intersections

In December 2008, NYC parking regulations in T-intersections had been modified because these areas cause great confusion to motorists. They don’t know if they can park on the streets or not. Now, parking is permitted to motorists in T-intersections. Parking is available if the adjacent street does not have a crosswalk sign and is not controlled by traffic signals. Even if there is a curb cut, as long as there is no all-way stop sign, motorists can park there.

Take note that alternate side NYC parking regulations are suspended when the stress is being cleaned. It is also suspended during holidays.

On-Street Parking Signs

Traffic enforcers are getting stricter when it comes to issuing parking tickets. It is a must that you know the three major parking sign restrictions in New York City, which are:

  • No Stopping—This sign means that you are not allowed to wait, unload and load goods and drop-off or pick-up passengers. This is applicable at any given time.
  • No Standing—This sign means that you are not allowed to wait, unload and load goods but you can drop-off and pick-up passengers.
  • No Parking—This sign means that you are not allowed to wait but you can unload and load goods and drop-off or pick-up passengers.

There are streets where you can see two parking restriction signs. When this happens, follow the sign that has a bigger restriction.

Parking Tickets Penalties

The best way to avoid getting a parking ticket is to follow parking rules and regulations. Parking tickets are not cheap. In Manhattan, tickets begin at $65 while tickets in other areas in NYC will cost around $60. The amount will also depend on the parking violation you committed. If you park in a handicapped parking spot, you will pay $180. If you park in an illegal parking spot, your car will be towed and you will pay at least $150. And, if your car has over $230 in unpaid parking tickets, your car will be seized.

A Few Tips to Follow to Avoid Parking Tickets

  • If the parking sign says that you can only park for two hours, then don’t park for more than two hours. If you repeatedly put money on the meter, you will get a ticket for this.
  • Watch out for parking restrictions even in metered spots. Always check for these signs to avoid getting a ticket.
  • Never park in tow-away zones. Just as the sign says, your car will be towed if you park there.


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