Types of Coupons Parking

Commuting is good because you just have to sit down and relax until you get to your destination, but you also have to wait in line for the bus or compete with other people for a cab on a Friday night. For these reasons, owning a car is considered a necessity for a lot of people. But then again, driving your own car also entails added costs, such as parking fees.

Dealing with the Costs

Owning a car is a big investment, so before you choose to become a car owner, you should know that there are expenses that you have to deal with. Apart from car maintenance and fuel, you have to shoulder parking expenses, too. You might not be able to do much about maintenance and fuel costs, but by learning about the different types of coupons parking, you can find a way to reduce your parking expenses.

Different Types of Coupons for Parking

There are different types of coupons parking. Whether you drive a car or a motorcycle, you would be happy to know that you will be provided with different options when it comes to coupons for parking, as indicated below:

  • Half-hour or hourly parking coupons: You can buy booklets that are priced between $10 and $20. These coupons are available in these denominations: $0.50, $1, $2, $3 and $4.
  • Whole day parking coupons: Although rates may vary, whole day parking coupons are priced mostly at $10 each.
  • Night parking coupon: This coupon is convertible to whole day parking coupons and vice versa.
  • Monthly parking coupons: If you are looking to park at the same garage for a while and you want to be assured of a spot and at the same time, cut costs, you can purchase monthly parking booklets.

Important Information about Parking Coupons

If you are thinking about using coupons for parking, you need to know some important things about them.

  • Coupons come in booklets and booklets are priced between $10 and $20.
  • Most whole day parking coupons can be converted to night parking coupons. So if you only have whole day parking coupons with you and you need to leave your car overnight, you can certainly do so.
  • If you have a collection of hourly or half-hour coupons, you can present a collection that will amount to the cost of a whole day or night parking cost.
  • Most monthly parking coupons can cost you somewhere between $300 and $450.
  • If you are not a car driver but you have a motorcycle, you ought to know that there are also coupons that can be availed for your very need. Motorcycle coupons come in $0.65 denominations and for only $6.50, you can have a booklet with 10 coupons.
  • Make sure that before you purchase a coupon, the parking garage or lot that you are going to, is willing to accept these. After all, it will be a waste of money if you buy booklets that you cannot use.




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