Discount Parking in Manhattan

New York is an expensive place to live in and Manhattan will have to be the kicker. Parking in the Big Apple is really expensive so it is not surprising that residents prefer to use public transportation. It is convenient, affordable, and almost readily available. Unfortunately, commuting is not always the perfect solution for everyone. Some people do not want to take public transport so for those who drive their own vehicles, knowing about discount parking in Manhattan is going to be quite helpful.

Manhattan Parking Options

When you live or work in the Manhattan area, here are your options for parking spaces:

*Street parking. You can park in almost every street, but finding an open spot will be the tricky bit. Be sure to allot yourself some time to find a parking location. You also need to know that the city follows what is called the alternate side parking, so parking rules vary from day-to-day. Some streets will be free for parking, but you can get a parking card available at $20, $50 and $100.

*Underground parking garages. There are a number of parking garages in Manhattan. You have to leave your car and the keys with the attendant, and collect it from them when you get back.

*Aboveground parking garages. Unlike underground parking garages where your vehicle is tucked in somewhere, with aboveground parking garages your car can be left anywhere in the garage.

Rates of Manhattan Parking Lots and Garages

Prices of Manhattan parking lots and garages vary greatly. Some spaces are quite expensive, and it is for this reason that you need to know where the discount parking in Manhattan are because the cost can be high and this heightened cost are usually dependent on the following factors:

*Location of the garage: There are prime spots and there are also ordinary locations. If you are going to the most reputable places in the area then, you might want to prepare yourself for high parking fees.

*Day of use: Weekdays are cheaper than weekends. If you are going to park in a garage in the weekend, you can expect that your bill will be a lot higher.

*Length of stay: This is an obvious consideration. The cost of your parking use will depend on how long you have to stay in the facility; and if you are going to stay there for a really long time, you have to expect for the cost to be quite high as well.

To be able to handle the rates more efficiently, you can check for early bird rates as well as frequent customer programs.

Manhattan Parking Information You Need to Know

It may not be every day that you have to park in Manhattan, but should you find yourself needing a parking space in the area, you need to be aware of a few things. For one, it is crucial for you to find a proper parking spot because illegal parking can amount to $150 or more, and additionally, a towed car will cost you as much as $300.



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