Parking Garage in New York

Since traffic in NYC is really bad, people would rather park their cars somewhere and commute to their destination. They can just park outside the city and take the bus or train to where they need to go. This is a more efficient way of getting around in New York City. However, if you really need to bring your car with you, you can choose from around 2,300 parking facilities in NYC.

Here are some tips you can keep in mind when looking for a parking garage in New York.

Misleading Parking Signs

One way to not get duped when it comes to parking your vehicle is to plan ahead of time. Before leaving your home, list down the names of parking garages that offer the best prices. You can do your research online. This way, when you are in the city looking for a parking space, you will not be easily deceived by misleading parking signs.

Parking garages in NYC are required to post their prices at their garage’s entrance.  It will only take you a second to look at the sign to make a decision whether to park there or not. Often, the rates will vary and all you can see are the prices that are clearly printed. Drivers always miss the small print below the signs and, they in turn, end up spending more on parking fees.

You must also watch out for event rates in parking garages. Although the prices are displayed at the entrance, these prices are disregarded if there is an important event taking place near the area. A parking garage may ask a flat rate of $30 to $40 during events. This means that whether you are parking for 30 minutes or 3 hours, this is the rate you will pay.

Parking Garage Taxes

One of the reasons why a parking garage in New York comes with high rates is because of the taxes. The tax amount should also be visible in the price list displayed at the entrance of the parking garage. In New York City, there is 6% NYC sales tax, 4% New York State sales tax, and a .375% MCTD surcharge. This totals to 10.375% in taxes already. In Manhattan, there is an extra 8% surtax, which totals to 18.37% in tax alone, which is why Manhattan has perhaps the highest parking rates in NYC.

Protecting Your Car in a Parking Garage

There are two ways to protect your car in a parking garage. The first is to install a bumper protector in case the valet dents or scratches your bumper. And the second, and probably the most effective way to keep your car in the same condition as when you entered the garage, is to tip the parking attendant. A few dollars should be enough to keep the parking attendant happy. If you don’t give a tip, they will not care for your car at all and might even park your car in an unsafe area.


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