Monthly Parking in NYC

New York City is a very busy place and finding a parking spot can be quite a challenge. Given that you are lucky to find an available parking spot in NYC, you’ll be surprised at how much it will cost you.

NYC Parking: On-Street vs. Off-Street Parking

Drivers choose to park using on-street parking because it is more convenient for them since it is likely near their destination. However, since on-street parking spots are difficult to find, drivers rely more on parking garages and pay monthly parking in NYC to secure a parking space.

Parking in NYC is more like a hit-and-miss scenario and you can’t depend on your luck all the time in finding an available spot. Parking tickets are such a big hassle, too. Hence, drivers look for a parking garage where they can find a good spot to park, hassle-free.

Parking garages are more expensive than on-street parking but for motorists, this is a good investment, since it spares them from the frustration and hassle of finding a place to park their cars. In Manhattan alone, there are 103,000 licensed off-street parking spots. These parking garages range from small to big sizes. Some can only accommodate 7 cars while others can accommodate as many as 3,000 cars.

Finding a Parking Garage in NYC

If you want to look for a parking garage that offers monthly parking in NYC, here are some tips that will help you save money and enable you to find the best spots:

  • Find a parking garage that is owned by a big company. Why? Because these companies can provide you great customer service and can afford to offer discounted rates for your monthly parking. Moreover, these parking garages are more secure.
  • In Manhattan, monthly parking will cost you around $430 but the price can still be lowered if you play your cards right. Look for parking garages that offer discounts when you pay months ahead. If you commit to 6 to 12 months of parking with them, you should be able to negotiate a good deal with the parking garage operator.
  • You must look for parking options that are most appropriate for your parking needs. Parking garages can offer All-Day Parking, All-Night Parking, and 24-Hour Parking.

Hourly Parking

If you do not need monthly parking, you can avail of hourly rates from parking garages. Nevertheless, the hourly rates will greatly depend on which neighborhood you are going to park. Some neighborhoods will ask for $6 for 2 hours while others will require triple this amount from you. Parking prices continue to change and you have to make sure that you confirm it with the parking garage operator. Moreover, you must know that the bigger your vehicle, the higher the fee you will be paying.

An important thing you need to know when parking in parking garages is that most drivers give tips to parking attendants. An average tip is around $2 but it tends to increase during the holidays. Giving tips is a good way to build goodwill with the parking attendants and to keep your vehicle safe.




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