Parking Garages in Brooklyn

Parking garages in Brooklyn are ideal places for the perpetration of violent crimes. This is because of the following reasons:

  • They are usually poorly lit.
  • They are hidden from the view of most people.
  • They have many places in which criminals can hide.

If you are going to use parking garages in Brooklyn, you can provide security for yourself with a little bit of preparation.

Parking Precautions

  • When parking your vehicle, you should always park in the available space nearest to the entrance. The parking spot should also be brightly lit, and close to other people as well. Bright lights and the presence of other people are very effective deterrents.
  • As much as possible, don't park beside vans or other similar vehicles. These vehicles are not only big enough that they hide you from the view of other people, but they are also favored by criminals. 

Returning to Your Vehicle

  • Do not return to a parking garage alone. Always have someone with you, preferably someone who is armed. Muggers favor potential victims who are alone. This may not always be possible, but if you notice someone near your car, do not approach unless you have others with you.
  • Be alert and aware of your environment as you approach your car. Avoid engaging in activities that will distract you, such as talking on your phone or eating. Make sure that no one is inside your car. If a van is parked beside the driver's side of your car, enter your vehicle from the passenger's side.
  • Always have your keys ready by the time you are near your car. When you enter your car, immediately lock your doors, and keep your windows closed. Don't waste time dawdling behind the wheel. Start the engine and drive off. The more time you spend alone near or in your vehicle, the more tempting a target you become.

Dealing With a Criminal

  • If a mugger demands for your money, do not simply hand over your purse or wallet. Toss your wallet to one side, and then flee towards the other direction away from the mugger. If money is the mugger's only concern, then he will not pursue you. But if he is intent in doing you harm, running away is better than just standing there and letting him harm you.
  • If he has a firearm, flee by running in a zigzag route, so that it won't be easy for him to hit you. In the unlikely event that he does hit you, the shot may still not be fatal.
  • If you are behind the wheel and someone in the car points a weapon at you, most police officers agree that complying with the criminal's instructions would be your most dangerous option. Your safest option instead is to step on the gas and hit anything solid, such as another car or a wall, as hard as you can. The air bag of your vehicle will prevent you from sustaining serious injury, and hopefully the criminal won't be as lucky. Get out of the car immediately after the crash, and scream for help. This will most likely discourage your attacker from pushing through with his plans.

Parking garages in Brooklyn can be very useful and convenient, but there is no denying that there may be an element of danger involved. With a little preparation, you can enjoy the benefits without taking any unnecessary risks. Be safe!




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